Akouba’s Lending Platform is Endorsed by the American Bankers Association (ABA)

Akouba is the only small business digital lending solution endorsed by the American Bankers Association (ABA). ABA-endorsed solutions provide banks with the most advanced technologies and products to grow their business, cut costs and transform their customer experience.

The Akouba team was honored to be chosen as a featured platform in ABA’s State of Digital Lending report in early 2018. The platform was built to streamline and simplify the online loan origination process that is often cumbersome for financial institutions. As a result, Akouba delivers an end-to-end, industry-leading user experience for both the institution and the end borrower.

“The small business loan application process is very time-sensitive and costly for banks, and there is a need to simplify and accelerate the process. Akouba was chosen because they have established an effective and reliable platform for banks to execute the business lending process quickly, efficiently and profitably, while also delivering a great customer and banker experience.”

- Bryan Luke, chairman of ABA’s Endorsed Solutions Banker Advisory Council.
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About Velocity Solutions

Velocity Solutions, LLC is the leading provider of digital revenue enhancement solutions to regional and community banks and credit unions.

Founded in 1995 and servicing the transaction accounts of over 30 million consumers and business owners, Velocity has unparalleled expertise and insight into deposit account activity and transactional trends. Velocity’s solutions are designed to automate overdraft services, drive new profitable accounts, provide digital consumer and business lending platforms, generate new non-interest income and address regulatory scrutiny.

In 2018, Velocity Solutions completed the acquisition of substantially all the assets of Akouba Inc.

“We are excited to join Velocity Solutions, with their unique approach and position, to accelerate the adoption of digital lending technology. This acquisition marks a big step in Akouba’s aim to provide financial institutions with the right platform to meet account holder expectations and financial institutions’ needs to reduce end-to-end time, maximize profitability of SMB lending, and to provide their account holders and staff with a better overall experience.”

- Chris Rentner, Founder and CEO of Akouba

Velocity Solutions Acquires Akouba, Industry-Leading Digital Lending Platform for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

“This acquisition gives Akouba the financial strength needed to support banks’ third party due 
diligence requirements,” said Lisa Gold Schier, Managing Senior Vice President, Endorsed Solutions Innovation at ABA. "Akouba’s lending platform provides banks an opportunity to leverage their low-cost deposits in combination with Akouba’s technology to better serve their customers’ needs.”

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