Step inside and take a seat

Our beautiful timber loft office is in downtown Chicago.  We are just outside the loop, nuzzled between Greektown, Restaurant Row and UIC.

Our office is sanctuary to whiteboards, coffee and endless discussions on how to continue innovating our world class platform. Our open office atmosphere fosters collaboration and communication among our team, and our culture has really thrived as a result. In fact, if you happen to catch us on a Friday you may have to participate in one of our ‘Friday After Code’ events which typically include lots of laughter and a little friendly competition.

If you’re looking to learn more about what Akouba can do to for your financial institution or if you’re a talented individual looking for an opportunity to grow with us, let’s get in touch! Email us at so we can invite you up for discussion.

Our Location

Located In Chicago!
West Loop, Chicago
Phone: 312-448-7585