"The small business loan application process is very time–sensitive and costly for banks, and there is a need to simplify and accelerate the process.

Akouba was chosen because they have established an effective and reliable platform for banks to execute the business lending process quickly, efficiently and profitably while also delivering a great customer and banker experience.”

– Bryan Luke, chairman of ABA’s Endorsed Solutions Banker Advisory Council.

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Our Key Features

Omnichannel Application & Borrower Portal

The benefits of an online application are endless, we have spent a great deal of time optimizing the experience and the rich features to give the best, simplest, and most secure portal for your customers to easily input all of the data you need to make a lending decision.

Pipeline View & Lead Generation

See what’s around the corner, bump up your marketing ads and push more people through the pipeline. When you have the analytics and the ability to track how many people are viewing, starting, and completing your application, you can do a better job forecasting the week ahead.

Transfer Data to LaserPro

Truly automated end to end functionality needs to include a digital process for the closing phase of the lending process. All the information that lives in the Akouba platform can be transferred to LaserPro with one click. There is no longer a threat of information getting entered incorrectly and no longer a reason to spend time retyping information over and over.

Risk Rating & Financial Analysis

Akouba’s platform collects and aggregates all of the data the bank needs to decision a loan, then compares that data to the bank’s unique credit policy and risk rating metrics. Banks retain total control over their risk profile. The data is presented in a way that enables the underwriting team to quickly assess credit worthiness. The value of the data does not stop there. The data is further used by the banker to gain valuable insights into the business, enabling the banker to ask great questions and uncover more opportunities to help the client beyond the loan request. This gives bankers a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace, increases banker productivity and grows revenue for the bank.

PayNet Credit History Reports

The PayNet Credit History Report (CHR), available in the Akouba platform, provides more robust small-business credit data while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Helping facilitate a thorough review of the borrower's credit quality during the application review process, the PayNet Credit History Report provides borrower profiles summarized in multiple ways. Learn more

PayNet Masterscore® V2

The PayNet MasterScore® v2 allows lenders to automate and improve their credit decisions while providing predictive abilities that are superior to trade credit data. Available in the Akouba platform, it’s an ideal solution for lenders servicing multiple industries. Learn more

Automated Document Management

There is one central location where all documents live and can be referenced in any calculations that are made by the platform or any of your analysts. Documents can be systematically requested and uploaded through our portal. The technology automatically sends out requests for documentation and continues to do so until the required information has been collected.

4506T Tax Transcript Signature

Akouba’s platform uses the 4506T form in our application to dynamically pull tax return data that is secure, accurate, and quickly collected.

Workflow Tracking

Transparency and a cohesive line of sight of the loan at each stage in the process is critical to banks. Akouba’s platform gives visibility to the stages that have been completed so everyone can stay on track and know what’s coming their way. This also helps facilitate cross departmental communication to accelerate the loan’s end-to-end time.

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We understand the challenges banks have originating small business loans. That’s why our secure cloud based SaaS platform has been designed and built reduce end-to-end time, increase profits and give everyone a better experience.

Akouba is an end-to-end solution built with the best and most modern practices in software. The platform’s strength is in its ability to streamline workflow throughout the process.